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No More 9/11 excuses

January 8, 2014

Alex Marthews makes a very good point over at the Digital  Fourth Blog:

These clowns gleefully threw the Constitution on the fire, and gave us NOTHING in return. We’re not safer. We’re certainly not richer. We have lost so much, so that a few people could become extremely rich and powerful, and our corrupt system is now incapable of holding them personally to account. Yet still they yammer on, clamoring for more funding for an NSA that doesn’t work, a TSA that doesn’t work, an FBI that chases imaginary plots instead of focusing on locking up actual criminals. They have played on our fears to make us exchange realistic risk assessment for a meaningless, nightmarish pantomime where we, the American people and indeed the people of the whole world, have to accept the loss of every freedom we hold dear in order to “do whatever it takes” to “catch the bad guys.”

One of the worst aspects of our current surveillance regime is how little the government has tried to justify it. They throw out words  like “protecting us from terror” and yet we find out that these measures have actually done very little.  In fact, “because of 9/11” is just a dog whistle, designed to shut down reasonable debate on just how much of our privacy we’re willing to give up, and how much power we’re willing to deed to the government, be it a Democrat or Republican administration.   It’s an angry rant, and it deserves to be, because our national leaders took a very real tragedy and turned it into a soundbite designed to ensure that they never had to seriously defend any of the policies they put into place.






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